5 Reasons Why You Should take a Nap Every day?

Research shows that there are many Health Benefits To Taking A MID – DAY SNOOZE.

1. Napping boosts a type of memory process that increases creativity.

2. Napping at least 3 times a week for 30 mins or more results in 37% lower risk of death     from heart attack.

3. A Nap can be an effective tool for improving memory and learning Ability.

4. Nap is an easy way to get some relaxation, rejuvenation, and reduce stress.

5. Research by NASA (on Pilot) showed that a 26 mins Nap enhanced performance by 34% and overall alertness by 54%.

Ideal Nap Time: Between 1:00pm to 4.00pm

And Whats more important is the length of a Nap.

The Power nap(10-20 mins)–  Enhances memory function, improved focus and productivity.

The NASA Nap (26mins)– Proven by scientist to improve Pilot’s performance by 34% and alertness by 54%.

The Bad Nap (30mins)– Causes “sleep inertia” (a sleep hangover) for upto 30mins before restorative benefits kicks in. Best to avoid, if possible.

The Slow wave Sleep Nap(40-60mins)– Helps Cognitive memory processing,creativity and learning ability. Aids to help in remembering places, faces and facts. Best before a big presentation or important meetings.

The Full Sleep Cycle Nap ( 90mins)– Helps Creativity, emotional memory and procedural memory. Best before an impending project deadline or a big test.

Hence taking a nap is very beneficial. :):) Hope you found it useful. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.

Source: artofwellbeing.com and totalbeauty.com


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