10 Indian Foods that Will Enhance Your Mood Instantly in Monsoon.

10 Indian Foods that Will Enhance Your Mood Instantly in Monsoon.Monsoon days can be breezy and romantic, but they can also be gloomy and dull. But there’s always something you can do to cheer up and food does a pretty good job!
Here’s listing 10 Monsoon foods that will up your spirits instantly. These comfort food are perfect for those rainy days.

1. Adrak Chai

turmeric-ginger-tea jpg
There is nothing better than a hot cup of masala chai or adrakwali chai ( Ginger Tea), for monsoon indulgence. It will not only awaken your senses, but also rich in antioxidants which will help you keep away all the monsoon ailments.

2. Garam Garam pakodas

Pakodas are a monsoon delicacy you just cannot ignore. So while you might be depressed due to the weather outside, a plateful of your favorite pakodas can actually lift up your spirits.

3. Chatpata Chaats

Since the weather is dull and gloomy, a bit of tanginess and spice can cheer you up! So dig into some bhel puri or indian chaats for a happy day ahead.

4. Hot Chocolate

An all time favourite, the fun of sipping hot chocolate is supreme in the monsoons. Chocolate has wonderful mood enhancing properties, which will surely make you happy. So get your cuppa and enjoy the weather.

5. Spicy Garlic Rasam

With the weather getting gloomy you ‘ll want to eat something spicy and garlic rasam is perfect. Garlic also gives your immunity a boost. This is also a great way to keep that seasonal illness away.

6. Fresh fruit juices

Sip on some refreshing fresh fruit juice for a natural boost of vitamins and minerals that will instill energy in your body. With increased energy levels there’s no way you’ll be sitting glum.

7. Roasted or grilled corn

We enjoy watching rain with fun when we have hot corn cob with spices on it. Corn is the perfect food in monsoon. One can love to nibble delicious corn kernels directly from the cob. Corn contains very less of fat and more of fiber as it helps in digestion . They also contain anti-oxidants which will aid in increasing your immunity.

8. Soups

Soups are wonderful additions to your diet, especially in the rain as they keep your body hydrated and also give you the required nutrition. A bowlful of goodness will surely enhance your mood.

9. Sheera

Known by many names, sheera is a sweet dish relished in the western region of India. The sweet porridge with dry fruits and raisins will give you a sugar high that enhances your mood.

10. A bowl of dal

sweet potato curry 1.JPG
Moong dal or masoor dal is a good option to eat on a rainy day, as it will enrich your body with healthy proteins and dietary fibre, which aids digestion. Even millets such as Jowar and ragi that are rich in calcium are a great option.

What’s your favourite food that turns your mood beter instantly ? Let me know in the comment section below!! Until next time, stay tuned for more.



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